Protect your business and your customers.  

Its not a matter of if your business has been compromised, but how many times.

IBM estimates that businesses are attacked an average of 16,856 times a year. That's 46 attacks every business has to deal with every day. 

By 2017, 67% of Americans had their information stolen by hackers, mostly through data breaches at large companies such as Target adn Equifax.

Mcafee estimates that the annual global cost of such crime could be over $400 billion.

In 2017, 7% of US organizations lost more then $1 million as a result of cyber crime.

19% of US organizations reported losses of $50,000 or more.

It's becoming increasingly difficult to detect cyber attacks and resolve security issues created by them.

The average time to detect malware or a criminal attack on a business was 170 days...


Who is on your network?

Features and Benefits

  • A Patent Pending network of distributed sensors spanning multiple companies,industries, and locations. 
  • Heuristic, Signature, Anomaly and Intelligence based detection.
  • Self-Living and Self-protecting network.
  • Ability to see attacks in the past with full packet capture network recordings.
  • A sentry making sure that all your defenses are working.
  • Full unlimited network forensics incident response.
  • Team of analysts proactively hunting for compromise and anomalous activity.


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