Since 1987 we have been in the Telecom and Data business. It is a fast paced ever evolving industry. In 2004 we branched off into Customer First Communications after seeing the carrier world bulldoze and ignore our customers' time and business. We are fully committed to helping your organization reach its full potential by making sure it is receiving the most efficient and reliable connectivity to the world. Whether you are updating, moving, or expanding your offices or call centers, we are here to help you reach your full IT potential.

Customer First Communications helps  companies better manage their telecom costs by ensuring that their telecom infrastructure is well managed and implemented.  We negotiate with carriers on your behalf to bring you the best products at the best prices. Make sure you get the most internet bandwidth, cloud computing power, and voice services for your money by letting us broker your deal through our extensive carrier portfolio.We provide ongoing support to make sure your data and communication needs are fully taken care of.


The telecom world is complex and constantly changing. No one carrier or provider can offer all solutions for all businesses. We strive to understand your telecom application needs and budget. We work with multiple data carriers to connect your business to the internet you want at the price you want. We use our years of experience and relationships with our carrier partners to take the burden of dealing with them off your shoulders.

CFC helps companies better manage their telecom costs by assisting with VoIP infrastructure and Telecom carrier selection.


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