Got POTS? You need EPIK

Today, copper telephone lines that support POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) are an aging infrastructure that is deteriorating rapidly. The FCC and major telephone providers like AT&T have already started phasing out their support of analog POTS lines, pushing customers to fiber or wireless connections. Over the next few years, POTS will only get more expensive and offer fewer options. So what should companies do? What about applications that run natively better on analog lines, like security alarms, gate systems, and FAX lines? What do you do when POTS goes away? You need Epik!


Cost-effective POTS replacement –

Businesses are gradually moving to unified communication (UC) solutions but these services do not work well with thousands of ‘analog era’ devices. As POTS lines are phased out, the EPIK™ BOX is a cost-effective POTS replacement solution to keep your business moving forward. 

Greater redundancy – 

The EPIK™ BOX runs on an internet connection or 4G LTE so you also have greater redundancy and failover. 

epik pic.JPG

Technical Features and Benefits

  • Dual Path Capable - Cat1, Cat M, & Cat 4 LTE 4G

    • Resilient/redundant Internet access for low to high signal locations. SD-WAN functionality

  • 4G (Private WAN Access)

    • QoS allows for landline quality faxing, modems, alarms, etc.

  • Up to 8 Ports and Simultaneous Calls of RJ11

    • Allows for POTS replacement of "Tip and Ring” devices (ie: key systems, fire & securty systems, faxes/efax, modems, elevators, SCADA: entry systems, overhead paging, and point of sale

  • Battery Back-up

    • 60 minutes of uninterrupted power, impervious to power failure

  • 3 Ethernet Gbps Ethernet Ports

    • Provides LAN/WAN failover

  • Number Portability (LNP)

    • Toll free and DID numbers can be moved as needed

  • Complies with National Fire Protection Association

    • Complies with NFPA Rule 72 for fire alarms and fire alarm panels

  • Alarm Notification

    • Instant notification via text, email or voice call

  • Intelligent PRI and PRI Failover

    • Allows for systems with primary voice PRIS to connect with automatic PRI failover trunk

  • Dual WAN equipped

    • Allows for in-house Internet utilization

  • End-User portal Platforms

    • Customer programming 24/7365

    • equipment

  • Compatible With One Talk and other VOIP Platforms

    • POTS replacement & WAN Failover

Voice gateway

  • Provides SIP & VOLTE signaling with internal soft switch features, PRI, SIP integration, SIP trunking, SIP disaster recovery

  • Remote “off—band" monitoring and management

    • Always be informed and in control

  • Auto provisioning support and deployment

    • Easy install

  • HlPPA-Comp|iant fax gateway

    • Easily send and receive faxes over encrypted and secure connections. Securely store faxes in the cloud with password protected access from anywhere

  • Traffic shaping Q05 management

    • Prioritizes traffic (ex: voice vs. data) and optimizes network efficiency over public interNet and Verizon LTE network

  • Powerful, simple to use firewall

    • High-test security of communications is built into hardware. Epik’s core promise is business continuity, and continuity demands secure connection to the Internet

  • Cloud VPN (IPsec & PPTP) + Smart MPLS

    • Never lose connectivity among offices. EPIK’s unique C'OUd VPN and smart MPLS solution creates a mesh of interconnected nodes over our cloud infrastructure, providing redundant, high-availability connectivity thanks to Verizon’s LTE

  • Robust, flexible Virtual Local Area Network and LAN management

    • Easily create and manage VLANs to segment your ocal network; for example, for PCI compliance of credit card processing