Cutting Edge Technology

  • Detect active attacks such as crypto locker as they pass over the wire. Pinpointing problem spots before they spread.
  • View the software running on your network and answer the question, "Can that system be trusted to run that software?"
  • See bandwidth usage, explicit material and website monitoring all in real time.

The Cyber DNA Difference

COntinuous Monitoring Matters

The CyberDNA Network Security Monitoring Service aims to reduce the overall cyber risk to an organization by proactively monitoring the customer’s network for signs of anomalous activity that could be indicative of active compromise, misconfigurations, or other notable security risks. In short, we help your team reduce the average time to incident detection from years and months down to
minutes and hours. Thus reducing breach impact and incident response costs.

The CyberDNA Service

Vigilant’s CyberDNA Managed Network Security Monitoring Service leverages a distributed network of passive network security sensors and takes a different approach to monitoring customer infrastructure. We are not trying to sell you an appliance or a device; CyberDNA is a fully managed service with certified information security analysts proactively hunting for compromises and security risks to your organization. We serve as an extension to your existing team, notifying you only about security events that matter in record time, while providing clear and easy to understand Recommended Courses of Action so you can address the issue and get back to running your business.

About our Analysts

Vigilant’s team of Information Security Analysts has a combined industry experience of over 75 years. Many of our analysts are GIAC certified and carry multiple industry certifications. Our backgrounds range from small business to global Fortune-10 and span numerous industries including Finance, Healthcare, Automotive, Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defense, and Telecommunications. Our analysts are all US Citizens, many of which hold security clearances, and undergo extensive background, reference, and drug screen checks.


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Completely inaccessible to attackers

Does not degrade your traffic speeds

Monitors your traffic in real-time

Verifies if prevention assets are working and if endpoints are trusted.